Pho Tree Leaf

Pho Tree Leaf

The brand came about 5 years ago when we were traveling in Southeast Asia looking for craftsmen and manufacturers with something special with which to develop products where we all win.

We are a group of friends who like to travel to this area of the world but now with the power to help who we find and live positive experiences for our memory. Discover, have fun and leave the place visited a little happier than when we arrived.

Woolen Elephants

With an average weekly production of 30 fabric elephants. He put a blanket in the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai and sell them all in less than to hours. And every week the same. He made us 20 pieces, 10 in each color.

Relax and nice life my friend Yim Yom Yum :) Hope to see you soon!

Flexible Jewelry

A small family factory in Ciang Mai.