About Us

We are a group of friends convinced that the world can be improved significantly if everyone makes a small contribution. We believe that together we have the resources and talents required to make the world a happier place and our goal is connect them.

HWS was created to help provide a sustainable flow of resources from private business to increase world’s happiness. 

For us to be happy means to have opportunities for self-realization. 100% of profits realized by HWS are reinvested in creation of the web platform (Happy World Lab) where talents of the people meet with the resources needed in order to increase social impact and give opportunities to all.

Happy World Lab will make it easier for people that want to realize their potential by doing good.

Our values

Fairness. Our brands put wholesale price no more than double of production cost. We also have this maximum for our retail price, as we believe that profits should be fairly distributed. Our business is social, and we don't seek for super-profits.

Quality. Our suppliers use the best material and seek to work with the best manufacturers.

Transparency. We believe that availability of information is crucial in the age of internet. We have nothing to hide, on the contrary. We will show the reason, the process and the outcome.

Exclusivity. Our collections and editions are limited, and some pieces are unique.

We encourage diligence and spread of education.We work with projects that help people in need, but only those who are ready to work and to help themselves. We also help projects which take care of disadvantaged children or serve educational purposes.