About Us

We're a group of friends who are convinced that the world can be improve significantly if only everyone makes their little contribution. For that we made a plan which is as simple as this:

  1. Create a collection (of jewelry, bags, accessories, clothes, or whatever).
  2. Sell it for just a double of its production cost.
  3. Use money to:
    - improve some imperfection of the world (e. g. conditions of our friends in Agape),
    - create new collections, which will allow to make more improvements ,
    - pay to those who was the most helpful making this collection real.
  4. Grow big, make more social impact, help people in need, create opportunities, give jobs to workers and manufacturers.

Our values

We like fairness. We put wholesale price just a double of production cost, as we believe that profits should be fairly distributed. Our business is social, and we don't seek for super-profits.
We like quality. That's why we use the best material and seek to work with the best manufacturers.
We like transparency. We believe that availability of information is crucial in the age of internet. We report our progress on social projects and publish price calculations.
We like exclusivity.Our collections and editions are limited, and some pieces are unique.
We encourage diligence and spread of education. We help people in need, but only those who are ready to work and to help themselves. We also help projects which take care of disadvantaged children or serve educational purposes.