About Us

We are a group of friends who believe we can make a HAPPY WORLD.

For this we are developing these three parts:

LAB: community. Opportunities, resources, spaces. Collaborative creation for a common good.
SHOP: distribution. Price, brand, guarantee. Fair wealth with exclusivity.
LOVE: projects. Materials, collective, cause. Tangible solidarity with a social objective.

And we work in this way:

People: designers, craftsmen, merchants, social workers, communicators, consumers, pollsters, friends...They collaborate with Brands in the creation of collections.

Brands: group of companies legally constituted, with the following commitment:
- Wholesale price, maximum double the cost of production.
- From this profit margin, and at a minimum, allocate 50% to the social good:
     - 25% for LAB (to empower creation)
    - 25% for LOVE (to empower solidarity)
- The distribution is made with SHOP. (to empower fair trade)

Collections: group of products created between People and Brands for the same social project. Each piece of a collection, gives a certain amount of material, to a collective for a cause.

The plan is simple:

The more LAB, the more SHOP.
The more SHOP, the more LOVE.
The more LOVE, the more LAB.

and let's roll ...